The Race for User Acquisition

With over 2.8 million Android apps available on the Google Play Store (March 2017) and billions of app downloads every year, the competition for user acquisition is more difficult than ever.

Getting users to find and install any app requires utilizing marketing strategies to gain users through organic and paid campaigns. The paid marketing channels vary and include social media, in-app advertising, paid referral, video ads, and digital campaigns. The cost per install (CPI) can vary widely and be anywhere from $0.25 to $100. For marketers who invest a lot in apps install campaigns, it is critical to monitor the install channel sources performance and ensure they pay for real live user installs rather than bots and simulators.

App Users: Human Users are Preferred

As persuading potential users to download new apps has become increasingly more challenging and big money is out there for advertisers, the market has created channels over-run with bot users, not humans. App owners who wish to promote their product and services within their app may be faced with a large user-base that is almost entirely artificial.

Wefi offers insight into making sure your user base is as real as they come.

WeEyeD to the Rescue!

WeEyeD is an App Install Fraud Detection SDK that helps App Marketers, Developers, Publishers, and owners identify high fraud percentage and probability on their app acquisition channels.


How it Works

Integrate WeEyeD with your app and harnesses the power of Big Data and Machine Learning. We utilize over 15 billion monthly records to profile the potential user by location, wireless network activity, device, installed app usage, location patterns, and many other metrics in order to profile the users, authenticate the devices, and create a fraud rank and probability.


What You Get

Once the SDK is deployed in the app, you will have access to a set of dashboards and reports generated daily for fraud by channel. App distribution can be altered to use only channels without low fraudulent probability, thus launching better campaigns and bringing significant savings in distribution.