Your App Users Require Continuous Connectivity

As App developer, there are many things you do to ensure great user experience; starting with providing real value to the user, investing is great UI/UX, apply performance test and so on. However, there is one thing you can not really control- the network connection quality your users will have.

Connected for Optimal User Experience

If you don’t want to take any risk and have zero control on your users’ connection quality, deploy the WeConnect SDK and ensure your users will be connected to the best available network.

WeConnect is a patented Connection Manager, enabling smart and optimal connectivity to free, captive, and wholesale Wi-Fi and enjoy our vast Amenity Wi-Fi network access.

How It Works

Although most of the devices today includes built in mechanism to automatically connect to predefined list of Wi-Fi networks the WeConnect connection experience offers something else. The WeConnect connects the user to the best available low cost or free network without the user intervention. The solution is based on the notion of a perpetual positive feedback loop between the various wefi components utilizing big data technology and implement real time connectivity based on network selection decision scoring by policy, conditions and history.

The WefiConnect CM decision engine continuously calculates a “dynamic priority score” for all candidate networks. The decision engine integrates multiple factors and weights, as defined by the currently active policy for the specific client, to calculate the dynamic priority score, using Wefi’s advanced proprietary algorithms. If a candidate network has a higher priority score than the currently connected network, network re-selection is performed