Ad Monetization Increases Churn

Free app monetization using ads seems like an easy way to increase revenue, but in real life most of the App Publishers who use ad monetization struggle with high churn rates, feeling frustrated and stuck in an endless cost loop of looking for ways to finance their app.

The loop starts with investing a lot in users’ acquisition; the users’ base becomes the advertising infrastructure. The App Publisher leverages its user base and optimizes the advertisements with intrusive ads (i.e. expandable, interstitial or video ads). The result for the user is an annoying experience resulting in higher churn.

The advertisers’ Heaven becomes Hell for the app owners who need to re-investment in new users’ acquisition. If you feel that ad monetization doesn’t serve you anymore, join the Wefi monetization program.

Welcome to the New Era of App Monetization

Wefi introduces its unique monetization program targeted for App Publishers who are seeking a new revenue stream without influencing or interrupting user experience.

Our monetization program offers an easy & secure recurring revenue stream for app owners with significant active user base.

By simply adding Wefi’s lightweight, risk and hastle-free, SDK to your Android App, your active users will become your recurring revenue generators.

How Does it Work?

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    Embed our light code into your app. The Wefi SDK does not replace any existing SDK.

  3. EARN
    Make money on every active user on a monthly basis.

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